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Wild Animal Park

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San Diego Wild Animal Park is an experience unlike any other zoo or safari in the country. Come along and ride the Journey into Africa with our family.

Visiting Wild Animal Park with aunt and uncle

The Journey into Africa begins at Simba Station and brings you right alongside giraffes, rhinos, buffalo, and zebras. Your children will feel like true adventurers, as they spot endangered species in large, open spaces.

Click here for photos and video from the Journey into Africa.

What Discounts Are Available?

Our kids look at the rain forest

You probably want to know how much this exotic excursion into Africa is going to cost your family. A visit to San Diego Wild Animal Park is not going to be cheap, but it's nothing like a safari in the Sahara!

Read more about tickets and discounts to take advantage of year round.

And don't overlook membership at San Diego Wild Animal Park...check if it's your cheapest option.

Exhibits Unlike Any Other

lion naps in car

Many, many years ago, you might have seen a lion displayed in a cage at the zoo. If only that lion could see the digs available at the San Diego Wild Animal Park decades later! How would you like a lion sleeping in your SUV?

You'll be amazed by these vast exhibits that put the animals into their natural habitat. Lion Camp is an amazing place to watch these majestic creatures roam. And the Park has given incentives to these lions to get up close and personal to the guests. You'll read more about it on the Lion Camp page.

In the Hidden Jungle, you'll enter a tropical greenhouse and see exotic birds, insects and plants. This may be as close to a rain forest as you get in your lifetime. The climate-controlled environment lets you see some of the most delicate creatures around and tropical plants. If your kids would like to see spiny stick insects and scorpions, this is the place for them. In the spring, check out the butterflies here, as hundreds of colorful butterflies hatch and flutter all around you in the exhibit.

Other exhibits include Elephant Overlook, Heart of Africa and Lorikeet Landing.

Check out this up close and personal video of the lorikeets being fed.

Shows and Other Animal Adventures

The elephant show was a favorite for kids and adults alike, but unfortunately that show has been discontinued at San Diego Wild Animal Park. Instead in the Elephant Show Amphitheater, there's the Experience Africa show which features life-sized parade puppets, magic and music.

Our pick for best show? The Frequent Flyers Bird Show.

If you really want to be adventurous and your budget allows, there are some special experiences unique to San Diego Wild Animal Park that you and your kids won't easily forget.

Want to spend the night with the wild beasts? Have a modern safari tour? Watch a cheetah run up to 70 miles per hour? Click here to find out how you can.

Address and Tips

Journey into Africa

The Wild Animal Park is located at:
15500 San Pasqual Valley Road
Escondido, CA 92027

Where is Escondido? Click here for directions.

The Wild Animal Park (as well as the San Diego Zoo) is a smoke-free zone, so you won't have to worry about smoke getting in your eyes as you stroll around Africa. Speaking of strollers, in case you need to rent one, here's a helpful tip sheet with stroller prices and more.

What's To Eat in Africa?

root beer floats at Wild Animal Park

The restaurants at the Wild Animal Park serve good food, but of course it is expensive. We like to pack a lunch to bring into the Park and then splurge on something like a root beer float.

See my dad and I look very happy with our cold floats on a hot day!

Outdoor patio seating at several restaurants is so pleasant. Your peanut butter and jelly sandwich will taste really good as you sit in a secluded area with exotic birds all around you.

Click here for Wild Animal Park restaurants.

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After All That Walking, You'll Need a Hotel!

View at Wild Animal Park

You'll remember a few things about your day at Wild Animal Park...the amazing animals and the magical setting...the heat if you go in the summer...and how tired your feet will be after all that walking.

You will sleep very well in your hotel after your family vacation safari adventure! The San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park offer some good hotel packages. Click here to find out prices and locations.